When 1+1 is Greater Than 2


Dust pan

Wide-toothed comb

Paper clip

Elastic headband


Embroidery hoop

Pillow case (king size)


Easy way to clean your bloom

Step 1: Get your dust pan and wide-toothed comb.


Step 2: Use industrial glue to attach your comb.



No space for paper towel?

Step 1: Cut the hanger by using wire cutter.


Step 2: Put paper towel and hang it!


Easy way to clean while you cook

Step 1: Get a box and insert a plastic bag.


Step 2: Tuck it in under the cutting board and throw your trash in the box.

Easy way to cut onion

Step 1: Use pick comb and knife to cut onion.

Make your own laundry bag

Step 1: Get large pillow case and attach to embroidery hoop.

Step 2: Put your laundry in!

Upgrade your bookmark

Step 1: Get an elastic headband and insert a clip on it.

Step 2: Use it as a bookmark!


* Nail Colors on hands provided by our sponsor ORLY.


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