6 Ways to Hack Your Daily Makeup Routine


Bobby pins

Baby powder

Coffee filter

Breath mints

Coconut oil

Contact lens case

Pill organizer box


No shapeshifter brush?

Step 1: Use bobby pins to secure the shape.

How to make long lashes?

Step 1: Add some baby powder on wand before you put mascara on.

Easy way to contour your nose!

Step 1: Place your fork on your nose.

Step 2: Apply highlighter through center of folks and then bronzer through sides.

Easy way to have smudge-free mascara?

Step 1: Place spoon above the eyelashes with back of the spoon facing out. And then apply mascara.

Easy touch up for oily skin?

Step 1: Cut coffee filter as shown below.

Step 2: Get rid of oil by using coffee filter!

Step 3: Save some coffee filters in your desired containers such as breath mint tin.

DIY lip-gloss

Step 1: Melt the coconut oil in a small bowl.

Step 2: Place some of coconut oil into contact lens case. And then pour your desired color of eye shadow pigments in the case. Stirr mixture well.

Step 3: Make your own custom lip colors and you can store them in pill organizer box for more color coding.

How to fix your stubborn foundation stick?

Step 1: Melt the stick with lighter.

Step 2: Apply on your face!



* Nail Colors on hands provided by our sponsor ORLY.

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