8 ways to transform and upgrade your wardrobe


Safety pin

Elastic band

Paper clip


Needle and thread

Dental floss

Ziploc bag


Old leggings to tshirt!

Step 1: Get an old leggings and fold it in half as shown below.


Step 2: Cut as shown below.


 Upgrade your tank top!

Step 1: Crisscross the straps as shown below to stylize your tank top.

Large T-shirt to dress!

Step 1: Grab your large T-shirt and sew the arm sleeves together.


Step 2: Wear your T-shirt and pull down to make a dress.


Step 3: Put the arm sleeves inward.


Step 4: Wear a belt to secure the t-shirt!


How to stretch your shoes


Step 1: Pour 1 cup of water in zip lock bags and insert them in shoes.   

Step 2: Freeze them overnight!


How to keep your off shoulder blouse down. 

Step 1: Connect elastic band and 2 of safety pins together.


Step 2: Attach the pin to the spots as shown below.


Hide your bra straps!

Step 1: Use a paper clip to hold your bra straps together.





Hard to zip up yourself?

Step 1: Use dental floss to zip up!



How to put a bracelet by yourself!

Step 1: Tape the bracelet on your wrist to hold it in place.


* Nail Colors on hands provided by our sponsor ORLY.


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