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6 Corny Hacks to Starch Your Day Off Right!

1. Healed heels!       Materials needed: Corn Starch Your favorite heels 2. Matte Nails               Materials needed: Corn Starch Your favorite nail polish 3. Oil Spill         Materials needed: Corn Starch 4. Greasy Hair              Materials needed: Corn Starch Rosemary Essential Oil 5….

How To Nail Your Manicure With These 6 Hacks

Materials: Lipstick Brush Clear Enamel White Vinegar Lemon Cooking spray Tea bag Super glue Sugar Glue Instructions: Out of nail polish? Step 1: pick your favorite color of lipstick and use brush to apply lipstick on your nails. Step 2: Apply clear enamel to protect. Out of nail polish remover? Step 1: Get lemon juice…

I’m not lazy, I’m efficent!

Materials: Eraser Scissors Q tips Glue gun Liquid eyeliner Temporary hair color spray Top coat Headband Water bottle sprayer Coconut oil Baby wash Cotton pads Sponge Nail polish remover Instructions: Easy way to apply eye-line Step 1: Get an eraser and cut the edge of it with scissors. Step 2:  Glue the eraser onto a Q…

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Exercises That Can Be Done in Your Child’s Playroom

  Let’s be honest, as moms we are already superhero’s. However, we don’t have the superpower to get our bodies back. Frankly, we never feel like we have the time either. I really don’t care to drop my child off at a gym daycare so I can exercise. The thought of packing up a little…