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PUCKER UP! Try These 4 Lip Hacks

Smudge Free Lippy Just add arrowroot powder! Line your lips with this spoon trick Can’t draw lines? No problem! Multi-purpose brown lippy for a monochromatic look Use your brown lipstick for contouring, filling brows, and as an eye shadow! Turn broken powder to something new Take that broken powder and turn it into something new…

5 Hair Hacks for All Your Split Personalities

No bangs? No problem! Want short hair without the commitment? Look no further! Here are 5 hair hacks to get you a look for any mood or occasion. High Volume Pony Create a bottom ponytail (separate top hair if needed). Form top ponytail. Tease top ponytail Adjust where needed Dye-free Colored Hair Take eyeshadow of…

4 Shoe Upgrades to Step Up Your Shoe Game

  Gold Toe  Take a piece of paper and fold it in half Tape the paper down the middle as shown below. Cut the paper and tape. Tape the toe part of the shoe and cover the remaining with paper. Spray paint the shoe Remove tape. Voila!   Sequined and PomPom Sandals Thread multiple sequins….

How To Nail Your Manicure With These 6 Hacks

Materials: Lipstick Brush Clear Enamel White Vinegar Lemon Cooking spray Tea bag Super glue Sugar Glue Instructions: Out of nail polish? Step 1: pick your favorite color of lipstick and use brush to apply lipstick on your nails. Step 2: Apply clear enamel to protect. Out of nail polish remover? Step 1: Get lemon juice…