Diy Fidget Spinners


Bike chains

2 zip ties


Bolts & Nuts


Hot glue

LED bike lights


Bike chain spinner

Step 1: Get a bike chain which has 22 links.

Step 2: Arrange the chain as shown below.

Step 3: Get 2 zip ties and lock the bike chain with zip ties.

Step 4: Put a bearing in the center.

Step 5: Tighten the zip ties and cut the it.

Step 6: Get the bolt and nut and then place it in the bearing.


Lego spinner

Step 1: Follow the steps as shown below.







LED spinner

Step 1: Get a bearing and LED bike lights.

Step 2: Break down the LED bike light.

Step 3: Use glue gun to attach the bike light to the bearing.


Step 4: Put the bolt through the bearing and hold it with a nut.




* Nail Colors on hands provided by our sponsor ORLY.


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