DIY Multipurpose Folding Table


Industrial glue


Reflective acrylic sheet

Picture Frame

Heavy Duty Hinges

Hasp and hook


Step 1: Paint a plywood and glue industrial glue as shown.


Step 2: Attach reflective acrylic sheet on the plywood. Put picture frame over the acrylic sheet. (Make sure picture frame size match with plywood)

Step 3: Screw heavy duty hinges to plywood and picture frame.

Step 4: Open the frame and plywood combination to a 90 degree angle and screw the heavy duty hinges to the wall wherever you desire.


Step 5: Also secure to screw the hinges where the 90 degree angle at.

Step 6: While you holding up the frame, mark at the top center of the frame where your hasp and hook will be.

Step 7: Screw your hasp and hook.

Step 8: Step 7 will allow you to hang the frame. when you want to use it for Murphy table, detach it and bring it down and enjoy your Murphy table!


* Nail Colors on hands provided by our sponsor ORLY.

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