7 Dryer Sheet Hacks

Remove stubborn toilet stains

  1. Scrub the dryer sheet along the rim of the toilet bowl.
  2. Rinse to flush.
  3. Fin


Easily remove dirt/hair from hair brush

  1. Soak brush in warm water with dryer sheet.
  2. Let the brush sit for a few minutes.
  3. Take out the brush &  watch it slide off like butter.



Remove heavy nail polish

Who can resist that glitter nail polish, am I right?

  1. Cut the dryer sheet in squares.
  2. Soak in acetone.
  3. Lay sheet squares on nails.
  4. Let it sit for awhile.
  5. Voila!


Ditch the paint thinner

One less thing to buy ftw!

  1. Lay brush on a dryer sheet
  2. Pour water
  3. Let sit
  4. Boom


Sharpen dull scissors

When your scissors are cutting like child safe scissors, do this simple hack!

  1. Rub blade with dryer sheet

Remove tough grease on cooking pans

  1. Fill pan with water.
  2. Pour a couple drops of dish soap in water.
  3. Let solution sit for 1 hour with dryer sheet.
  4. Empty pan, wipe remaining residue, & it’s good as new!

Remove water stains on glass

  1. Take dryer sheet
  2. Scrub the glass with that thing
  3. *Squeaky clean noises*


* Nail Colors on hands provided by our sponsor ORLY.


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