Get absorbed into these 5 clever sponge hacks!




Fabric softener

Nail polish remover



Sponge for cleaning

Step 1: Cut a slit in the sponge.


Step 2: Insert tongs.


Step 3: Clean easily!


Sponge for laundry 

Step 1: Put water and fabric softener in the container box.

Step 2: Put sponges in the box and shake it well.

Step 3: Have reusable dryer sheet!


Sponge for bathtub

Step 1: Draw size of the soap on the sponge.

Step 2: Cut the sponge.

Step 3: Put used soap in the sponge use every bit of the soap.


Sponge for nail?

Step 1: Roll the sponge and put in the jar.

Step 2: Pour nail polish remover in the jar.

Step 3: Just put your finer, and it will remove your nail polish!

Sponge for cleaning v2

Step 1: Slice the sponge as pictures show.


Step 2: Clean the dirty grills.

* Nail Colors on hands provided by our sponsor ORLY.

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