Problem-Absorbing Towel Hacks

Repurpose your towels to make life cleaner and easier!

Baby (& adult!) bibs!

Cut a hole in the middle of a hand towel, using the technique below. Finish the raw edge with scrap fabric. Enjoy your meals, mess-free!

Beach or pool dress

Fold the towel in half and cut the corner as shown. Sew elastic band and rock it at the next pool party!

Stylish makeshift dry mat

Layer 3 strips of towels as shown. Fold and pin each strip of towel. Braid, twist, and enjoy!

Reusable towel roll

Cut a towel into a square as shown. Layer it with fabric and sew as show. Use snap buttons to connect individual towels. Use as needed, wash and reuse!

Hair drying towel

Fold a hand towel and cut as shown below. Sew the towel as shown. Sew in a hair tie as shown. Flip the towel inside out and sew a button. Enjoy!

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