Edible Terrariums Have Arrived And Boy Are They Delicious!

Have you ever looked at a cactus or a succulent and thought, “Man, that looks so good I could eat it”? No? Well, if you’ve never done this before you will after you feast your eyes on these super cool, super yummy edible terrariums! Chocolate and brownies and nom nom, you’ll devour them all! Also, it could be really fun to invite some friends over for a dinner party and serve them “plants” for dessert. It’s just a suggestion but we promise, they’ll look at you like you are crazy as you nosh away on your cactus and that folks, is a good time!


Candy melts


Food coloring (Red)

Roller pins

Pastry wheel cutter

Chocolate rock candy

Chocolate muffins

Graham crackers



Step 1: Put green candy melts and marshmallows in the bowl. (16 dark green candy melts, 32 light green candy melts, and 7 marshmallows)

Step 2: Microwave them for 90 seconds with 30 seconds interval.

Step 3: After you take it out from the microwave, and use folk to mix them.


Step 4: Add red food coloring and stir again. (about 2 drops)

Step 5: Refrigerate it for 15 minutes.

Step 6: Roll the dough.

Step 7: Cut the dough for your desired length and then cut it with the pastry wheel cutter.


Step 8: Roll it up.


Step 9: Decorate the jars with chocolate rock candy and then chocolate muffins.

Step 10:  Add smashed graham crackers and matcha in the jars.

Step 11: Sprinkle the matcha in the jar and then add the plants.

Step 12: Finish up decoration with adding more chocolate rock candy.


* Nail Colors on hands provided by our sponsor ORLY.



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