Turn frugal to fortune with these 5 dollar store upgrades!


Glue gun


Martini glass

Shower curtain ring

Zip ties


Candle holder

8×10 photo frames

4×6 photo frames

Sushi roller

Elastic band


No-sew makeup brush organizer

Step 1: Place $1 sushi roller on a flat surface and elastic band.

Step 2: Weave the elastic band through the second bamboo stick on the the left.

Step 3: Secure the band on the sushi roll.

Step 4: Continue weaving the elastic between the bamboo sticks to create compartments for your brushes or other goods.


Accessories organizer 

Step 1: Get shower curtain rings and secure with zip ties as shown below.


Step 2: Attach the shower rings to hanger by using zip ties.

Step 3: Organize your accessories!


Chips & Dip bowl

Step 1: Use glue gun and glue martini glass and bowl.




Picture frame greenhouse

Step 1: Get 8×10 photo frames and dismantle the frame and glue the frames as shown below.

Step 2: After you glue the frame as 90 degree angle, tape them.

Step 3: Glue the the frames where it meats.


Step 4: Glue 4×6 photo frames and tape them as shown below to secure.


Step 5: Make 4×6 photo frames as roof shape and place above the 8×10 frames.

Step 6: Glue the edges and take off the tape.



Tiered tray

Step 1: Use glue gun to glue the plate and candle holder.




* Nail Colors on hands provided by our sponsor ORLY.

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