You’ll never have to worry about bad jeans with these 7 clever hacks!


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Broken zipper?

Step 1: Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut out a small portion of the zipper teeth.

Step 2: Put the zipper back on the track and then zip it up.

Step 3: Sew the zipper tracks just above the section where you cut.


Shorten your jeans without cutting

Step 1: Fold the hem up.

Step 2: Pin the hem in place. When you’re pinning, make sure to line up the side of your jeans.

Step 3: Take pin out while you sew the jeans.

Step 4: Unfold the jeans.

Zipper coming undone?

Step 1: Use a key ring to hold your zipper up!

How to make your jeans tighter

Step 1: Cut the part of the jean waist as shown below.

Step 2: Put safety pin to the end of the elastic band.

Step 3: Insert elastic band into the jeans.

Step 4: Sew them.

How to find your size without trying on?

Step 1: Put your arm inside the jeans as shown below.

Easy way to upgrade your jeans

Step 1: Cut where you want to make holes.

Step 2: Scratch the jeans with sandpaper.


Step 3: Wash and dry your jeans.

Hard to reach button?

Step 1: Tie a hair tie to the hole and secure with button. And then zipper it up!



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